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Sports: Straight Bet

The calculator will calculate the house edge for an event that has only two potential outcomes, known as a”.” Whether it’s a spread against the spread, money line, or total, in case there are just two possible results, then it’s possible to use this calculator. Just enter the line on each outcome, click on”calculate,” and the calculator will tell you the house edge, assuming either side have the same house edge.
The calculator defaults to American odds (such as -110, +120). The alternate is European chances, which can be expressed on a”for a” basis (such as 1.9091, 2.2000).
Obviously, I’m not asserting that both sides always have the house edge. This is more of a tool to ascertain how much juice a casino chooses out. By way of example, if a money traces on a are +300 and -450 afterward the balanced house edge would be 6.38 percent.

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