« BETWEEN SARDINIA AND UMBRIA - An unprecedented challenge in the challenge that brings with it an avalanche of socio-political nuances, but that really would be better frame - as much as possible - in ’scope of a game in which Perugia and Verona face off in playoffs. »

18. April 2019

Cuba will give a release and receive compensation. Velez announced the agreement accompanied by Omar Linares and Rodolfo Puente. “A contract between two non-governmental organizations 1xbet.footballresultstoday.org that have been granted permission by the US government through a license.” One way to circumvent the US embargo against Cuba that has lasted since 1962.

This agreement - said Velez - was needed after years of desertions which penalized our league and the national team “, while the two former champions said that in 70-80 years not to flee the United States (Linare who said no to the NY Yankees and even in Toronto: “I prefer to play for 10 million Cubans who for $ 10 million” swearing loyalty to Fidel Castro) support the agreement.
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